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The Safe Sedation Podcast 9. Sedation Practice: Past. Present and Future

Past, Present and Futuro

In this episode, Andreia Trigo and Craig Cook talk with a special guest, Prof. Robert Sneyd, academic, consultant anaesthetist and the lead of the sedation guidelines. We want to understand what triggered the need for these guidelines back in 2013, what has changed in the last few years and what can we expect of the future of sedation practice.

  1. What were the main issues that triggered the need for a national guideline to be implemented? What challenges were overcome by the 2013 guidelines?
  2. How did hospitals and clinics responded to the guidelines?
  3. What challenges still remain in 2021?
  4. What’s important about the latest guidelines update from February 2021?
  5. What are the staffing implications of the updated guidelines?
  6. How do the specific guidelines from groups/specialties compare to the current update from AMRC?
  7. How does UK sedation practice compare with the rest of the World? (Australia, Germany, US etc) Different roles/responsibilities/drugs used by non-anaesthetists.
  8. Where do you think sedation practice will be 10 years from now? Different drugs? Different ways of administration? Different ways of monitoring patients? Can current trends in technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and value based healthcare drive us towards more personalised sedation practice. How would that look like? What challenges will we be facing?

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