Safe Sedation App

Log and audit your sedation cases in a few clicks

Meeting regulatory needs

The virtual platform was developed to meet the AMRC sedation log and audit guidelines.

Based on Clinical Research

The data collection tool is based on the World SIVA adverse sedation event reporting tool.

Supported by Clinicians

A clinical advisory group informed the development of the virtual platform.

Virtual platform funded by InnovateUK

The app and dashboard developed through an InnovateUK grant awarded in 2022.

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How does it work?

Step 1 - Download the SEDlog app and create an account

The app is free to download for Android and Apple devices.

Step 2 - Add your sedation cases

Everytime you sedate a patient, add your case data in less than 30 seconds. No identifiable patient data is added.

Step 3 - Keep a logbook

Downloading your logbook is free and easy. It is useful for your revalidation and to prove that you are maintaining your sedation skills.

Request an audit through the SEDaudit platform, to learn about areas of practice that can be improved and areas where your department is performing well!



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