Safe Dental Sedation Course Part 1 & 2


The Safe Dental Sedation Course Part 1 & 2  is aimed at dentists and dental nurses working in dentistry. It provides the knowledge and skills required to practice IV moderate sedation for dental procedures in adults.

Part 1 consists of the theoretical knowledge needed to improve sedation practice. Learning outcomes include:

  • preparation and administration of sedation using a structured approach;
  • monitoring a sedated patient;
  • managing complications and safe discharge post sedation.

Part 2 consists of the practical component using high fidelity simulation.  You will be able to choose from several course dates available:

  • 6 April (London)
  • 4 May (London)
  • 11 May (Manchester)
  • 22 June (London)
  • 20 July (London)
  • 7 September (London)
  • 5 October (Manchester)
  • 19 October (London)
  • 16 November (London)

Once completed both Part 1 and Part 2, attendees receive a certificate of completion. Course accredited by IACSD/STAC.

In order to proceed to Independent Clinical Practice, practitioners who have learnt a new technique should obtain evidence of satisfactory completion of the required number of supervised clinical cases for the newly learnt sedation technique(s) by a STAC approved Supervisor.