For doctors and departments providing sedation, the October 2013 guidelines Safe Sedation Practice for Healthcare Procedures by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, establish and define required standards and guidance for sedation practice. These guidelines were updated in February 2021 and reinforced the need for training and adequate patient preparation and monitoring.

Compliance requirements include the requirements of a sedation policy, audit, logbook, committee and specific training for physicians, nurses, ODPs, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals involved in sedation.

In dentistry the IACSD standards of April 2015 set out the guidelines and practice for dentists, doctors, dental hygienists/therapists and dental nurses who have no previous experience in conscious sedation.

Is your department or clinic compliant? Are you compliant?

SedateUK offers the CPD accredited Safe Sedation Compliance Package which revolves around training that has been developed according to requirements of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to help departments become compliant including:

  • SedateUK training course designed according to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges curriculum
  • Certificate of completion
  • CPD credits: 6 from the Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • CPD credits: 8 from the Royal College of Nursing
  • Sedation protocols: that can be easily implemented
  • Sedation chart that can be used in your department
  • Sedation policy template that can be adapted to your organisation
  • Logbook for sedationists
  • Audit tool for departments and sedationists

When booking the Safe Sedation Course Part 1 and Part 2, you automatically receive the Compliance Package.

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